3 Ways to Improve Office Productivity

Collaboration By: PremierComm

Today, businesses rely on communication to drive productivity and innovation. Cisco Spark is an all-in-one collaboration device that combines wireless presentation, digital white boarding, and video conference. Discover how Cisco Spark can improve productivity and maximize output:

  1. One Platform for Communication

For any growing company, communication is a key component to success. Whether you’re collaborating with your team, customers, or vendors, communication keeps everyone in-the-know and on-task. Adopting a single platform for all your communication needs guarantees that all your information and communication can be find in one easy-to-find location. Focus more of your time on what matters and less time searching through long email threads.

  1. Live Sharing and Collaboration

There is no better way to improve productivity in the workplace than using a communication platform that offers live sharing and editing. Cisco Spark makes collaboration easy. Unlock a virtual space for your team to conference. Effortlessly share, collaborate and edit with Cisco Spark.

  1. Multiple Device Accessibility

Cisco Spark allows you to transfer between devices without any interruption to your call. By implementing Cisco’s versatile multiple device mobility feature, don’t waste a minute of your day.

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