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We live in a world where hackers and bad actors are working day and night to develop attacks capable of bypassing firewall, antivirus, and intrusion prevention systems. While these perimeter defense systems are critical to an effective security plan, they simply cannot be relied on to be 100% effective in detecting all system threats. These front line systems provide dangerously little in the way of post breach data to IT security teams. This can often leave security teams blind to the extent of a breach until major damage has already been done. Advanced, real-time threat analysis capabilities are a must-have for organizations looking to fully analyze attacks that have penetrated perimeter defenses.


Cisco AMP for Networks provides protection to your network not only at the moment of an attack, but also during the critical times before and after an attack has occurred. Prior to an attack, AMP bolsters your network defenses by tapping into detailed global threat intelligence data. As an attack is occurring, AMP provides a roadblock to potential malware by utilizing the gathered intelligence, coupled with dynamic file analysis technology to thwart infiltration. Following an attack, AMP will closely track any file or traffic that exhibits malicious behavior. AMP is capable of rapid diagnosis, response, and containment—at a reasonable cost and without major operational disruption.


AMP for Networks is constructed on the foundation of the largest available trove of malware analytics and threat intelligence. This data is supplied by Cisco Collective Security Intelligence, AMP Threat Grid intelligence feeds, and the Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group.


AMP offers continuous monitoring, analysis, and recording of all file activity—even after an initial inspection has occurred. If potential malicious activity is observed, security teams are alerted immediately. These teams are able to view a complete recorded history of the potentially malicious threat, allowing for critical security questions to be answered quickly.


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