Cisco Systems Sourcefire Malware Protection

Infrastructure By: Anne Kirby

According to the Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Report, 38% of attacks compromise systems within seconds. Moreover, 38% of attacks took days to contain. 96% of attacks fell into four basic categories — point-of-sale intrusions, crimeware, cyber-espionage, insider misuse, web application attacks, miscellaneous errors, physical theft/loss, payment card skimmers, and denial of service. More than 70% of these attacks exploited known vulnerabilities with software patches.


Malicious software designed to damage the integrity of your system and network can be easily detected and remedied with Cisco Systems Sourcefire acquisition. Advanced threat detection capabilities — web, email gateways, cloud security — provide thorough intrusion prevention and management competency.


“To truly protect against all possible attack vectors, our focus is to examine the nature of modern networked environments and devices and to defend them by deeply understanding and analyzing the mindset of attackers,” says Senior Vice President, Christopher Young of Cisco Security Group. “Cisco’s portfolio of integrated solutions support this focus by delivering unmatched visibility and continuous advanced threat protection, allowing customers to act smarter and more quickly — before, during, and after an attack.”


With the close of this $2.7 billion acquisition, Cisco has provided one of the most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to their integrated portfolio.


Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

In February 2015, Cisco revealed critical security updates to their Sourcefire capabilities. Advance Malware Protection (AMP) is an intelligence-driven application which provides a continuum of uncompromised and enterprise-class security. Primary features include indications of compromise, file reputation, static and dynamic malware analysis, retrospective detection, file trajectory, elasticsearch, prevalence, endpoint IoCs, vulnerability reporting and outbreak control. AMP can be easily deployed through a host of vectors. Options include Cisco AMP for Endpoints, Cisco AMP for Networks, Cisco AMP on ASA with FirePOWER Services, Cisco AMP Private Cloud Virtual Appliance, Cisco AMP on CWS, ESA, or WSA and Cisco AMP Threat Grid.


Why Cisco?

Security threats are prevalent in today’s digital age. Continuous, integrated and optimized security diagnosis, remedy and management is imperative to the technological coherence of your organization. Leverage professional-grade network defense tools to detect, respond and maintain malicious malware attacks. For more information or to request a free consultation with our technology consultants, please click here.

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