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With an average of 100 billion internet requests on a daily basis, we are finding that the number of existing roaming users has steadily increased, that there is more internet activity happening off-network, and users are accessing the internet from other networks. The bottom line is that many users don’t need to be on a corporate network to complete their tasks. When users are off-network, their systems become more vulnerable as they lack visibility and protection. This opens a wide door for malware, ransomware, and other attacks to occur.

Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defense against internet threats, acting as a Security Internet Gateway. Umbrella can access internet activity among all locations, devices, and users—and helps block threats before they even reach your network.


By using DNS requests as a method to enforce security, Umbrella uses intelligence to determine whether the request is safe or risky. Cisco Umbrella then takes in all activity and projects it into the massive graph database, constantly analyzing statistics and information through a combination of human and machine learning intelligences—Umbrella security researchers and Cisco talos.


Not only can Cisco Umbrella stop phishing and malware infections, it identifies already infected devices and prevents data exfiltration as well. Umbrella also integrates easily with your existing security stack, delivering live threat intelligence regarding current or emerging security threats, and allowing you to amplify you existing security investments.


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