Colocation Data Centers

Data Center Solutions By: Anne Kirby

According to 451 Research, the colocation data center market is expected to rise to nearly $36 billion worldwide by 2017. Currently the market accounts for $22.8 billion in annualized revenue. Moreover, the global footprint of colocated data centers will grow to 150 million square feet, a 40 million square foot increase. There are several reasons why a business might choose a colocated data center over an internal site. Colocation centers provide highly secured, integrated and technologically advanced communications and data retrieval and monitoring assets:


Reduced IT Infrastructure and Management Costs:

Cost savings are one of the biggest benefits of colocated data centers. Organizations frequently leverage centralized facilities to reduce ongoing IT management expenditures including backup generators, servers and cooling. Colocation allows users to scale their IT environment as their technological needs change.


Increased  Security and Data Protection:

Colocated data centers provide high-performance, multilayer and rigorous digital security systems to quickly monitor, diagnose and repair damage caused by data breach. With around-the-clock remote access and reporting, users can quickly monitor performance metrics.


Increased Bandwidth and Performance

Complex data, communications applications and cloud storage requires increased bandwidth and computing. Maximize the performance of your IT environment through volume pricing while maintaining service provider diversity.


Continuity and Disaster Recovery:

Unplanned data center outages are costly. A 2013 Ponemon Institute study reports that the average cost of downtime for companies has increased by 41%. Today, average cost to U.S. companies is $7,900 per minute. Colocated data facilities ensure that your mission-critical data, equipment and applications remain operational when the unexpected happens. The continuity of your business depends on %100 network reliability.
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