Flaws in Modern Technology: Meltdown & Spectre

Data Center Solutions By: PremierComm

Defects in microprocessors were recently discovered by computer security experts—such as Spectre and Meltdown. LogicMonitor.com reported on how the security patch may affect cloud users. These defects have been labeled as catastrophic, and give hackers access to private information on computers as well as personal devices and servers using cloud computer networks. However, fixing these problems is not as simple as one would hope.


According to researchers, Spectre requires redesigning processors. Meltdown, on the other hand, requires a software patch that will help solve the issue—but slows down computers by 30 percent.


System Alerts

LogicMonitor is a security tool used to protect monitor system infrastructure. When there is a scheduled event for the system, an alert from Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be sent. LogicMonitor allows you to view both when events will occur and what type of events are to be expected (reboot, retirement, etc.).

Although the alert system of AWS is effective in notifying when system changes will occur, the form of delivery is not effective to all consumers. AWS alerts users through e-mail. However, LogicMonitor allows users to control how they receive the alert messages. Through LogicMonitor’s data collection, users are able to view the changes within a system’s performance, before and after an event occurred.

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