Meraki MX: State-of-the-Art Protection Capabilities

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Stealth cyber attacks are all too common throughout today’s digital threat landscape. Cisco AMP for Meraki MX was created specifically with these increasing security risks in mind. Cisco AMP for Meraki MX features detection capabilities across multiple sites—tracking in real time, while also recording and analyzing previous occurrences across your network.


As internet users, we all must understand that security breaches may, at times, enter our networks. It is critical that these threats be detected quickly—and that action be taken immediately. However, without the proper detection, your network may be at serious risk.


Cisco AMP for Meraki MX allows security teams to utilize retrospective malware alerts to notify customers that a malicious file has penetrated a network’s perimeter. This product offers a wide variety of features that your organization can count on—providing an unmatched quality of exclusive network security. Enhanced threat protection, continuous file monitoring, retrospective alerting, advanced malware analysis, centralized security management, and Talos threat research are just a few of the advanced features offered.


PremierComm is here to provide state-of-the-art security, designed to protect your network against costly and disruptive malware threats.

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