Cisco Systems Sourcefire Malware Protection

    Infrastructure By: Anne Kirby

    According to the Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Report, 38% of attacks compromise systems within seconds. Moreover, 38% of attacks took days to contain. 96% of attacks fell into four basic categories -- point-of-sale intrusions, crimeware, cyber-espionage, insider misuse, web application attacks, miscellaneous errors, physical theft/loss, payment card skimmers, and denial of service. More than 70% of these attacks exploited known vulnerabilities with software patches.   Malicious software designed to damage the integrity of your system and network can be easily detected and remedied…

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    What is Cisco Intelligent WAN?

    Connectivity By: Anne Kirby

    Cisco® Intelligent WAN (IWAN) is a comprehensive set of traffic control and security features for wide-area networks that have been integrated into Cisco branch-office routers. Leverage IWAN’s complete and cost-effective framework to reduce IT operating costs while maintaining high-performance functionality, accessibility and support. A hybrid WAN architecture, use IWAN to:   Increase the value of existing WAN investment Improve WAN bandwidth through cost-effective internet transport Limit operational complexity through IT consolidation Converge multiple network…

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