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“Helping those that have had some unfortunate consequences befall them and are currently experiencing homelessness always takes a community effort. When that family is headed by a Veteran who served to protect our freedom, the very least we can do is to do everything we can to allow them to reintegrate and have a healthy and prosperous life going forward,” said Doug Hopwood, Divisions Manager for TLC Homeless Outreach and Veterans’ Programs.

PremierComm, LLC was proud to sponsor Shannon and his family with in-home appliances, gift cards and more.

The Veterans’ Victory House (VVH) was established November 1, 2007. Tabor Community Services, through TLC, applied for a per diem grant (GPD) from the federal government. After passing an inspection from the Lebanon VA Medical Center, VVH was approved and ready for applicants referred by the Lebanon VA, the County Veterans’ Affairs Office and our local shelter system.

 Since November 2007, the VVH has successfully moved 95 households representing 126 individuals (68%) into permanent housing. There have been 109 men, 17 women and 10 families. Average length of stay at VVH was 7.3 months (1/1/2013). In the last year, 33 households (75%) successfully attained their goal of permanent housing.

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