Multichannel Network Solutions to Maximize Efficiency, Boost Productivity and Increase Profitability Taking your communication system to the next level demands an integrated solution that only PremierComm can deliver. You need an experienced, professional technology collaborator who is proficient in a technology platform that includes voice, messaging, application integration, online collaboration and video. Sophisticated communication tools are needed to ensure:

  • Engaging one-to-one communication that provides immediacy and results
  • Lower costs and efficiency through scalable, multichannel network infrastructures
  • Workplace and employee transformation through integrated, best-in-class collaboration experiences

Through expert understanding of technical communications tools and network platforms, PremierComm provides unparalleled, integrated and high-caliber support.


Strategic Solutions to Maintain Connectivity Through wireless networks, phone systems and data center management, PremierComm is your network partner. PremierComm continuously broadens strategic partnerships with reliable, established network providers to offer advantageous enterprises and broadband solutions. PremierComm proudly serves as your single source for all connectivity and network services including:

  • MPLS
  • Ethernet
  • SD-WAN
  • Internet & Broadband
  • SIP
  • Other carrier services

PremierComm will provide expert recommendations based upon business climates and carrier offerings. Leverage our simple, affordable and robust connectivity solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

Data Center Solutions

Enabling Business Through Comprehensive IT Solutions The data center is the lifeline of any organization or business. Data center accessibility, functionality and servicing is imperative. PremierComm offers a strategic consultative approach to maximize IT support and management. Solutions include:

  • Unified Computing and Storage: Leveraging best-of-breed solutions to reduce data center complexity and increase flexibility.
  • Converged Infrastructure: Manufacturer validated designs simplify deployment, support and management.
  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure: Integrated computing, storage, networking and virtualization through single system toolsets.
  • Virtualization: Desktop, Server and Infrastructure. Consolidating infrastructure and enabling IT flexibility.
  • Network: Providing speed and scalability at the foundation of the infrastructure.
  • Back Up and Recovery: Assuring data is protected and recoverable using next generation data protection techniques.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Developing solutions to eliminate downtime.
  • Cloud: Flexible on demand solutions for production, test/dev, backup and DR.

From Data Center to Desktop PremierComm provides comprehensive, thorough and advanced IT infrastructure optimization. Build efficient, secure and augmented technology systems through cutting-edge hard and softwares. Maximize your output with the latest technological devices and applications including:

  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • Anti-Virus & Internet Security Systems

PremierComm’s comprehensive suite of Security and Cybersecurity tools and services allows your company and staff to have peace of mind regarding the risks of malware, crypto ransomware and concentrated attacks on your infrastructure. The threats today are more complicated, damaging and common than any time in the past and require sophisticated tools and experienced resources to defeat.  

Our suite includes:

  • Next Generation Fire Wall & Next Generation Intrusion Prevention
  • Identity Services Engine for Network Access Control
  • Web and Email Security
  • Cloud Access Security Broker
  • End Point Protection
  • Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Phishing Program
  • Security Training

PremierComm Cybersecurity offers the comprehensive approach to technological planning, implementation and management that is required to minimize risk today.  


PremierComm’s comprehensive suite of IT support services allows your staff to concentrate on strategic technological initiatives. Our knowledge of traditional and advanced technologies enables us to effectively manage or host all systems including network, security, collaboration, data center and workplace services. CloudCare offers a comprehensive approach to technological planning, implementation and management. CloudCare leverages the cloud-based monitoring tool LogicMonitor and our team of technical resources to provide your environment with:

  • One view into the status of the network regardless of location (i.e. cloud, Data Center, or in-house)
  • Spend thresholds for consumption based cloud services which can alert as consumption limits are approached
  • Application performance monitoring and improvement
  • Storing and importing of configurations for quick recovery from a critical outage
  • Proactive performance analysis that links the device configuration to the device performance

PremierComm will successful oversee and monitor technological areas including communication systems, network infrastructure, data centers, storage systems, security and business impact.

Staffing Services

With skilled talent becoming more difficult to find due to strong competition from others hiring in your space, PremierComm’s Staffing Services division is here to help source and recruit in-demand talent for organizations of all types and sizes. Whether you need assistance filling temporary services tied to specific projects, or you are looking for a permanent hire, PremierComm has a network of qualified, pre-sourced specialists of all kinds we can quickly start sending your way.

We make finding that perfect hire as simple as it needs to be. Work directly with one of our dedicated Account Managers to ensure your expectations and specific needs are met. PremierComm aims to be an extension of your organization and looks to help source candidates who will take on that same mindset. We look forward to helping you find your perfect candidate.

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