The Origin and Ongoing Development of the Cloud | Hosted Private Cloud

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PART 3 | The Origin and Ongoing Development of the Cloud | Hosted Private Cloud
Part Three of a Five-Part Series on Cloud Services
By Darin Zook

Hosted Private Cloud refers to a form of cloud computing where IT services are often supplied in an Infrastructure as a Service model. Your organization procures its compute and storage services from a provider. These resources can be dedicated or shared resources.

What if, you could have a robust cloud solution with the benefits of the premise-based approach but without the traditional hardware or facility overhead?

What if instead of budgeting for an IT Capital Spend, your organization could shift to a predictable operating expense? Would you be interested? This is where the Hosted Private Cloud option really shines. It’s the best of both worlds.


  1. Sizes and shapes may vary with these solutions, but your data and compute can be dedicated to you, to guarantee your performance. Optionally, you can lower costs by running in a shared infrastructure, while still maintaining performance and data privacy. 
  2. Some providers can allow you to manage the hosted cloud solution in the same manner you did before, using the same tools as your premise-based solution. If so, your existing IT staff may not have to learn new ways to manage your infrastructure. 
  3. You may be presented with subscription licensing options for things like VDI, Windows Server, Managed backup products and others to augment a solution. This could lower your existing Operating Expense for the licensing you may be purchasing for on-premises today. 
  4. Connectivity technologies like MPLS, SD-WAN, Ethernet Private links & Site-to-Site VPN over Broadband and others can make accessing your data from your campus feel like you’re still running on-premise.

There are some situations where a Hosted Private Cloud option is still not the right fit or needs to be augmented with other cloud-based offerings. Often, these situations are driven by specific applications or needs. Sometimes you’re not ready to move the bulk of your workloads to the cloud quite yet. What if your cloud adoption could use a combination of clouds? This is where the Hybrid Cloud option comes into play. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog regarding the benefits of the Hybrid Cloud.

We know this can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t’ have to. The cloud comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to partner with an organization like PremierComm who will not only work on your behalf to help size the right solution but will find you the correct provider and will ensure your systems run smoothly. 

Not sure which solution is the right one for your organization? Contact us today for a free consult. We’re here to help.

Darin Zook is PremierComm’s Data Center Solutions Architect focusing on Cloud and Premise-based infrastructure. Having spent many years in the shoes of his customers running mid-size to enterprise environments, he knows the struggles and challenges that businesses face, and the technology solutions that can bring the desired outcomes.

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