The Origin and Ongoing Development of the Cloud | Premise-Based Solutions

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PART 2 | The Origin and Ongoing Development of the Cloud | Premise-Based Solutions
Part Two of a Five-Part Series on Cloud Services
By Darin Zook

Premise-Based Solutions sometimes called on-premise or abbreviated as on-prem means your software and hardware is installed and runs on infrastructure that you own and maintain on the premises of your facility. Many definitions also extend Premise-based into a Colocation solution as well.

Many of us have become accustomed to running our own “Private Clouds” for years, right? Following the wave of virtualization, products like VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or KVM have allowed us to achieve incredible density while utilizing significantly more compute (memory & CPU) resources that long sat under-utilized. In the last five years, we’ve also seen this type of shift occur when bringing storage back local to the compute with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure – But the HCI topic is for another day.

The benefits of a premise-based solution can sometimes be the best fit for certain organizations. Some pros include:

  1. Our storage and compute can sit within our very own four walls, allowing our data to flow freely on the same network and infrastructure as our users.
  2. We control the maintenance, the compute, the data, the power, the cooling, and much more.

However, the flexibility inherent in complete ownership of premise-based cloud also comes with real burdens for businesses. Some of these cons include:

  1. The significant capital expenses during 3 or 5-year refresh cycles in order to keep our systems up to date is a painful process to repeat. Refreshes require significant time, resources and drain on your IT staff.
  2. Hardware failures or disasters can lead to an expensive loss of business as a result of downtime. They can also lead to long and complex Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plans and testing to ensure that business service impacts are minimal.
  3. Adequate power and cooling is expensive to maintain. Redundant power feeds from different sources are often unavailable, and redundant battery backup often is not economical for many businesses. Have you considered the need and expense for maintaining multiple cooling sources for a premise-based data center?

These costly and sometimes complex disadvantages can cause many large organizations to rethink the traditional on-premise-based Private Cloud. Ask yourself, “If my business can run as effectively and efficiently utilizing a solution hosted beyond my campus, do I really need it to be on-premise?”

This is where the Hosted Private & Public Clouds can reinvent the way your business consumes its data, and provide you the opportunity to shift IT Spend to an operating expense. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog regarding the benefits of the Hosted Private Cloud.

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Darin Zook is PremierComm’s Data Center Solutions Architect focusing on Cloud and Premise-based infrastructure. Having spent many years in the shoes of his customers running mid-size to enterprise environments, he knows the struggles and challenges that businesses face, and the technology solutions that can bring the desired outcomes.

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