The Origin and Ongoing Development of the Cloud | Public Cloud

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PART 5 | The Origin and Ongoing Development of the Cloud | Public Cloud
Part Five of a Five-Part Series on Cloud Services
By Darin Zook

Finally, we have the Public Cloud. We’ve found this service to be a very popular solution for particular challenges.

Greenfield startups or New Business

When no investment has yet been made in an on-premise infrastructure. Today’s new businesses that focus on web presence and e-commerce, hyperscalers or Public Cloud options are a perfect fit.

Wide-reaching applications – data everywhere

If you have a need to see your data reach a national or global scale, this is the ideal location to run your solutions. With many regions and availability zones to choose from, your data can live across the globe and be easily and locally accessible where required. This also is beneficial for organizations that require region-specific data availability.


Many of the software vendors sell their Software-as-a-Service solutions built on the Public Cloud. If you’re consuming one of the bigger software suites out there, it’s likely you already store your data this way. Microsoft offers many services for companies invested in Windows domains that extend a lot of domain functions into Azure.

Capacity on demand

With the amount of storage available in the Public Cloud and the sheer quantity of storage they buy, you can buy storage at reasonable prices. This accessibility and affordability make this a great location to land your offline backup or archival data. The infrequent access of this data keeps costs low. As this data is accessed more frequently, your costs will increase.

It is important to realize that the Public Cloud can be a bit of a different beast.


  1. While there are Hosted Private Clouds like VMware Cloud on AWS that do run in the Public Cloud, many of the options require what we call “re-platforming”. One of the top benefits of the AWS or Azure platform is the ability to stand up workloads, or spin up new servers, applications and more with minimal effort, on the fly and fast!
  2. Rather than migrating workloads from cloud to cloud or region to region, many cloud workloads can be built and deployed on demand and torn down at their former site.
  3. Applications must be tweaked, modified or, in some extreme cases, rebuilt to run in the Public Cloud.

Many of these platforms have costs that increase as the amount of data consumed by your organization or users increases. We call these ingress or egress fees. From a financial standpoint, this requires significantly more design, proper placement and tuning to ensure that your ingress and egress fees remain within your budget. It’s important to understand this shift. While it is a shift to OpEx, the public cloud can be an unpredictable OpEx if not planned for accurately. In certain Hybrid Cloud or Colocation solutions, you can offset these costs using some connectivity options that provide a more predictable spend.

At PremierComm, our goal is to walk alongside you and help your business navigate the cloud landscape. With so many options to choose from, every cloud strategy is going to look a little bit different. A cookie cutter approach may not be in your best interests. Our experienced team wants to be your advocate in finding the perfect solution that meets your business goals. Please take the time to register a cloud consultation today! We’re here to help.

Darin Zook is PremierComm’s Data Center Solutions Architect focusing on Cloud and Premise-based infrastructure. Having spent many years in the shoes of his customers running mid-size to enterprise environments, he knows the struggles and challenges that businesses face, and the technology solutions that can bring the desired outcomes.

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