The Origin and Ongoing Development of the Cloud

Cloud Services By: PremierComm

The Origin and Ongoing Development of the Cloud
A Five-Part Series on Cloud Services
By Darin Zook

The origins of the modern “cloud” as we know it are much debated. Many agree that the term “cloud” originated in 2006 when Google and Amazon started to use the term “cloud computing” to describe an innovative way in which people were accessing software, compute services & storage over the web, versus traditional desktop applications.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and others became household names and tools that many of us use throughout our daily lives. However, since the industry has made a significant shift into the cloud era, the definitions regarding storage and compute services have quickly become skewed and even confusing. Many organizations have begun stating that they’ve been sitting on their own premise-based “cloud” for years. While this could be a classification of a cloud, it does slightly miss the mark on the overall advantages of a cloud strategy.

Over the last decade, hosted platforms from private companies have been popping up everywhere, offering aaS or as-a-Service solutions that have changed, improved or in some cases, reinvented the way we conduct business. The overwhelming amount of service options tends to be a challenge to navigate for even some of the most experienced business executives. To ease this confusion, over the next few weeks, we will break down the most common types of cloud services to display the similarities and differences between the differing approaches. These include but are not limited to Premise-Based Solutions, Hosted Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Public Cloud.

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Darin Zook is PremierComm’s Data Center Solutions Architect focusing on Cloud and Premise-based infrastructure. Having spent many years in the shoes of his customers running mid-size to enterprise environments, he knows the struggles and challenges that businesses face, and the technology solutions that can bring the desired outcomes.

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