Verizon’s 2017 DBIR: Ransomware on the Rise

Data Center Solutions By: PremierComm

“No system is 100% secure,” reports Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report. A comprehensive guide to industry information relating to cybersecurity threat and analysis, the report indicates that ransomware attacks have emerged as the fifth most common variety of malware.

“Last year we saw impressive innovation in ransomware technology and extortion methods. Moving on from file encryption — the standard practice of ransomware authors — attackers introduced master boot record locking, and partial and full disk encryption in an effort to make it more difficult to recover systems without paying,” reports Verizon.

Changes to attack vectors transitioned from individual systems to entire organizations. In the 2017 DBIR report, social actions including phishing, were found in 21% of incidents, up 8% in the 2016 DBIR. These e-mails are often targeted at specific job functions, such as HR and accounting — whose employees are most likely to open attachments or click on links — or even specific individuals.

The security industry continues to develop software and services to combat the rise of ransomware. Endpoint protection systems can now detect millions of ransomware samples, with more being added as they’re discovered. Additionally, the security industry has also added detection techniques including sandboxes to mimic the user environment and catch obfuscated ransomware attacks.

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