How Will iOS 10 Transform the Meraki Mobile Experience?

Collaboration By: PremierComm

Cisco and Apple’s recent partnership to fast-track the mobile enterprise experience has brought to market superior collaboration tools and a truly integrated customer experience.

“Ever since we all started carrying mobile devices around, network admins have faced a number of challenges,” says Simon Tompson in Fast-Tracking Mobile Devices and Apps on Meraki. “Some of these relate to the physical environment and can be mitigated with a professional site survey to establish the correct number and placement of APs. Other challenges relate more to the mobile devices joining these Wi-Fi networks: our smartphones, tablets, and so on.”

Enhanced Roaming Capabilities

With iOS 10, iPads and iPhones will be able to recognize optimal AP on the Cisco network. Meraki-connected Apple devices will now experience streamlined service and robust network reliability.

App Prioritization and Fast Lane Integration

Apps integral to business operations require traffic priority as it traverses the network. With new fast lane integration, Apple enables developers to request app prioritization which maps to the WMM at device level to grant priority to the AP.

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